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Welcome to Med-Ride
Med-Ride started as a service to assist people with physical limitations who require
transportation to various locations, including Doctor's Appointments, Hospital Admission/
Discharge, Dialysis, Orthopedists, Oncology Clinics, Nursing Homes, Rehab Facilities, and

Med-Ride is now one of the fastest growing ambulance companies in the region, due
to the exceptional performance by its highly trained, and well mannered staff. With dignity,
dedication and determination we will remain a humble service to the communities for which
we serve.

Med-Ride continues to expand to meet the challenges of new demands placed on
Medical transportation needs and efficiency, by offering the most up-to-date EMS
technologies along with our highly trained staff. Our fleet of  Ambulances (American Type
III, ll, and l vehicles)  and new facilities is just one example of our ongoing commitment to
our Clients.

Our ALS ambulance carries tools and equipment similar to that which is found in a hospital
emergency department or critical care unit. Critical care equipment including an EKG
monitor and defibrillator, an external pacemaker, intravenous and blood draw tools, pre-
hospital medications, advanced airway equipment with specialized monitoring equipment
and much more.

Many of our Ambulance Division Paramedics are also certified instructors in a wide variety
of Public Safety disciplines such as CPR & First Aid.

We also provide inter-facility patient transfer services in circumstances where a patient
needs to be moved between health care facilities.

It will be a pleasure to assist you with your non-emergency wheelchair and ambulatory
transportation needs. Experience the
Med-Ride Service!
Type l Truck
American Type ll
American Type lll
Our Mission
The Mission of Med-Ride and our dedicated staff is to provide worry-free, medical
transportation to individuals with compassionate consideration for their physical, emotional,
and psychological needs.  With
Med-Ride, you are our priority and our utmost concern.
Through efficient team work, you will come to enjoy the benefits of Riding with a Friend,
whom you can trust and rely upon for safe and comfortable transportation.
We offer the latest in EMS innovations
Advanced Life Support Pre- hospital care
Med - Ride (Headquarters)
2741 E Fourth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43219
Ph: (614) 747- 9744
Alt: (614) 471- 4849
Fax: (614) 352-2887
Med - Ride (Circleville)
Circleville, Ohio
Ph: (877) 249-7388
Fax: (614) 352-2887
Med - Ride (Logan)   
Logan, Ohio
Ph: (877) 249-7388
Fax: (614) 352-2887
Med-Ride (Dayton)
Dayton. Ohio
Ph: (877) 249-7388
Fax: (614) 352-2887
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Med-Ride Headquarters in Columbus
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