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Med-Ride represents quality, integrity, reliability, dedication,
care, and friendship. Each and every client of Med-Ride is
considered part of our large family of friends.

Abe Halloway Founder of Med-Ride
at work for you.
Bobby Joe and Abe proudly prepping
the first Med-Ride squad for work.
This is where it all started.  
Med-Ride 1
Abe, Lori, Mrs. Stalker (91 yo), and family.
From the moment that you first contact us, you become part of us
and immediately start enjoying the benifits of Med-Ride
Testimonials of satisfied clients:
I have been a client of Med-Ride since the fall of
2007. I have never once been let down by any one in
the company. They always seem to know where my next
keep up to 12 months of appointments for me. They
transport me to dialysis 3 times a week. They also
keep track of all my doctor, dentist, and therapist
appointments. I even get them to take me to the
pharmacy, store, bank, hairdresser, and even the
airport. It seems like they are always there whenever
I need them. They claim they work for me, but I say
they are my angels. I love my Med-Ride! Thank you
Abe, for making this possible.

After an intense search for a reliable company, my
grand baby and myself finally found Med-Ride. Thank
you Lord for that. Now, I have absolutely no reason to
ever worry about missing my appointments. I have been
with Med-Ride for over two years and have never once
missed an appointment. Because of them, I have kept
appointments that I could have forgotten. Oh, there
vehicles are always clean and sanitized. These
wonderful people they have for drivers, are a blessing
to the community. Very well trained staff. Can't do
without My Med-Ride.

Love you guys

Linda & Fran
"I need my Med-Ride."

"It's my ride too..."

Noah, 11
Med - Ride (Headquarters)
2741 E Fourth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43219
Ph: (614) 747- 9744
Alt: (614) 471- 4849
Fax: (614) 352-2887
Med - Ride (Circleville)
Circleville, Ohio
Ph: (877) 249-7388
Fax: (614) 352-2887
Med - Ride (Logan)   
Logan, Ohio
Ph: (877) 249-7388
Fax: (614) 352-2887
Med-Ride (Dayton)
Dayton. Ohio
Ph: (877) 249-7388
Fax: (614) 352-2887
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