Med-Ride began as a service to assist people with physical limitations who
require transportation to various locations, including:

-doctor's appointments
-hospital admission/discharge
-nursing home rehab facilities
-and much more!

We are one of the largest and most trusted ambulette companies in the area, and we
use the latest technological advances in the office and our fleet. We regularly provide
transportation service to various private clients, business, federal, state and local
government agencies.

We offer qualified, experienced and friendly paramedics, EMTs,
drivers and support staff that care about you and your loved ones.
Med -Ride wheelchair service
uses wheelchair ramp vans that
make it easy and convenient to load and
unload passengers without having
to use the traditional lift equipment.  Our
vans are the latest in conversion
technology and offer a stress-free ride for
our passengers.  
Need Service Now or Within 24-48 Hours?
Call: (614) 747-9744 or Toll Free: (877) 249-7388
Outside of Greater Columbus Metro Area
Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you. Call (877) 249-7388!
Ambulette Service

For passengers with bigger wheelchairs or special needs, we also offer larger lift vans for additional comfort.
Our bigger vehicles have
Sure-lok--L track
Latest in conversion technology.
With Q-straint for optimal
safety in tie-downs.
All vehicles are specifically manufactured for transportation of people with
special needs and are capable of accommodating multiple wheelchairs of any
configuration. All vehicles are designed and well maintained, and continuously
inspected by Local, State, and Municipal Authorities.
Med - Ride (Headquarters)
2741 E Fourth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43219
Ph: (614) 747- 9744
Alt: (614) 471- 4849
Fax: (614) 352-2887
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Med-Ride Headquarters in Columbus